What Are Micro Jobs

What are Micro Jobs?

Micro jobs are small jobs. Micro jobs are also known as micro labor or micro tasks.
These are the tasks that can be finished within a few hours or days. Once you’ve finished doing your job, you get paid for it and the contract terminates. Thereafter you’re free to apply for and get more such jobs.
So, there is no long-term commitment in case of online micro job opportunities. Such jobs are suitable for those individuals who want to do part-time freelance jobs while managing other things in life. Examples of such people include students, homemakers and bed-ridden people.


Examples of Micro jobs!!!!!!!

Micro jobs can be absolutely anything. It could be something you do from your home on your computer. For example,
» Tagging photographs or transcribing an audio file.
» You can offer modeling for videos or ads.
» Create Videos, logos, banner or Voice over in a language
» You can provide any services related music – Sing a song
» You can offer to record any thing for a client
» You can offer scripts, software, themes or web designing.
» Offer if you can provide you-tube views, website clicks or any service,
» You can design banners or websites, write articles or press release.
» Also you can offer to submit any website in directories or can provide link backs to websites.
» Or it could be something you do outside your home like a mystery shopping assignment or a one-time errand.
» AND.. any thing else you can do